Enjoy your arepa alongside eggs or your morning cup of coffee. Think of it as a delicious replacement to toast.


Are you a parent looking for a quick and healthy, nutritious meal filled with protein for your children? I know we are! Toss a couple arepas into your panini maker while you squeeze some fresh oj and lather the toasty arepas with free-range butter or cream cheese and see your kids start of their days with happy and fully bellies.



Kids want a grilled cheese? Grill them up an arepa for something new! A customer just added..."Topped them with chicken, avocado, more cheese..." so good!


Like tacos? Try our garlic and rosemary arepas paired with chili-lime shrimp for a filling and nutritious meal that's high in protein and simple to make. Thanks to our friends @203FoodGram for such a great recipe idea. #havefunwithit


Try something different and seasonal: a classic cheese arepa with chicken and roasted peppers and the other classic arepa with black bean and cheese over a fresh green salad.  Well done @stephaniecontiphotography !!



Alongside pulled-bbq-chipotle chicken

Garnish with avocado, sour cream, and salsa


Have a chocolate arepa alongside your beer or cocktail

Substitute for a chocolate chip cookie, your kids will be thrilled and you can avoid the guilt…buuuuut,  you can always add a scoop of your favorite, creamy ice cream on top as a little treat!

 arepa recipes are delicious for snacks, lunch, dinner and all quick meals